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Australian Native Insect and Bug Decals - perfect to decorate your kid’s rooms on their walls and onto stationery.

The hand drawn illustrations have been printed onto Matte Removeable Paper by The Wall Sticker Company (based in Melbourne) and will not harm the paint on your walls. You can easily apply them and then remove them to reapply somewhere else.
The stickers have a white boarder around the artwork and so suit flat, light coloured walls.

Average sticker size - 7cm

Comes with an A5 print of my Australian Insect and Bug Poster printed on 250gsm matte photo paper (please contact me if you would like this laminated)

Each Pack of 16 includes -
Leaf Insect,
Teddy Bear Bee,
Plague Locust
Queensland Fruit Fly,
Blue Banded Bee,
Painted Lady Butterfly
Tiger Dragonfly,
Mardi Gras Cockroach,
Meat Ant, Cotton Harlequin Bug
ULysses Butterfly,
Eurycnema Goliath Stick Insect,
Joseph’s Coat Moths
Christmas Beetles,
Caterpillar of a Dryandra Moth,
Earthworm (technically not a bug or insect!)